Allett C27E - 27'' Battery Powered Interchangeable Cartridge Cylinder Mower

Here at Allett, we have recently introduced the Allett C27 Evolution into our battery Evolution range. As the latest addition to the Allett battery-powered family, The C27E is fitted with the latest Lithium-Ion battery system technology. The Lithium-Ion battery system has been driving the future of Allett as well as mowing technologies for sports and training grounds and prestigious lawns, without compromise and with all the characteristics of the Allett heritage. As you may be able to guess from the name, the C27E (27'' ) is the smaller brother of the popular C34E which we launched early last year. The Allett C27E also uses the same DNA as the standard Allett C27 which was designed to operate using a Honda engine. Over the past few years, the team at Allett have made it our mission to change the way we look at powering our cylinder lawnmowers. In our journey to go green, one of the main changes we have made is replacing the petrol-powered engines on some of our mowers with the powerful Lithium-Ion battery system found on the latest C27E. But how does this change benefit you and your mowing experience? Well, lets take a look and compare the classic C27 with the new C27E. There are quite a few significant differences between these two mowers, but let's start off with a few of the similarities. For example, the C27 and C27E both deliver a 27" cut which is ideal for schools, colleges, universities aswell as sports clubs. Both mowers allow you to use a wide range of interchangeable cartridges to aid with a variety of turf maintenance tasks, like scarifying and aerating. The C27 and C27E are also compatible and capable of operating with either a 6 or 8 bladed Allett cylinder and are both fitted with heavy steel rollers with differential to help you achieve the finest cut and strongest stripes. When it comes to the differences between these machines, other than the fact that one is battery powered and the other has an engine, there aren't many visual differences to point out between the two. The 'no tools' height of cut change on the C27E is much easier with the quick click change click mechanism as opposed to the C27. The C27E is fitted with the grooved roller whereas the C27 has a smooth roller fitted. The C27E has all the benefits that battery power brings including low hand-arm vibration levels and a clever half speed reduction button that reduces the speed when approaching the end of a pitch or lawn. Battery power is most certainly the future and here at Allett we predict we won't be making petrol products from 2025 onwards. Here are a few benefits you will get from the C27E battery powered mower.....
  • No petrol with associated storage and management problems
  • Low noise levels
  • Optional built in back-lapping with safety features
  • Touch button control to give instant half speed reduction for controlled turning and manoeuvring around obstacles
  • Save on fuel costs! Approx 10p to charge a battery
  • Low Hand Arm Vibrations- Vibration white finger is a massive issue in the groundsman industry
  • Easy Click Height of Cut Adjustment -change the height of cut in seconds – 1 Click = 0.18mm. Height of cut 8mm-55mm
  • Ability to operate on 1, 2, or 3 batteries whilst others are charging.
  • Achieve the famous Allett stripes!
  • Use batteries in the Allett Uplift86E and other Cramer products for example leaf blowers, hedge cutters and chainsaws etc
Key Specs of the C27 vs C27E
For more information on the Allett C27 Evolution click here. Find our video on the benefits of battery power in a professional setting here
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