Allett Host Pioneer Day at Regal House

Back in May 2019 Allett officially launched the C34Evolution at Twickenham Stadium - the first battery powered cylinder mower in the Allett Professional Range. The Pioneer Programme was officially launched in conjunction with the launch of the battery powered range as a way of building a closer relationship with our customers to get valuable feedback on all aspects of the C34E whether it be the design, the feel of the machine or the features. We feel it is massively important to involve the customers in designing the products they are going to be using day in day out. The feedback we have received from the Pioneer Programme and Pioneer Day has been used to make any changes to the machine ahead of main production. There are 20 Allett Pioneers in total around the world. Six attended the first feedback session at Regal House on the 22nd of January 2020. Attendees included Phil Carter of Windsor Castle, John James of Christchurch College, Simon Bagnall of Worcester College, Alex Shaw from the American War Graves, Graham Kitley of Hazlegrove Prep School and Warren Mccarthy from Cheshire Turf Machinery (on behalf of Manchester United). The day involved feedback sessions where pioneers shared their thoughts on the C34E and its features and what they would change ahead of main production. There was also chance for an innovation session with the attendees where suggestions were made for machines going forward. The day finished with lunch, a factory tour and a look at the new Uplift86E battery powered rotary machine. The programme has been so successful we are going to repeat it with our latest Uplift86E rotary machine with the programme starting in May and the machine going into main production from May 2021 (approximate dates). John James of Christchurch College-''It's great to be part of the Pioneer Programme and to be invited up to Allett HQ. Being able to feedback our thoughts and ideas on current and future machines is very useful and makes us feel a valued part of the process. The Evolution range is a great fit with the college's sustainability aims. Near silent operation with all it's benefits to the operator, students, visitors and other staff is also a huge plus point. We look forward to the introduction of smaller machines to add to our fleet'' Graham Kitley of Hazlegrove Prep School- ''It's been fantastic to work alongside the Allett team to try and help improve something that's already a great product. Ultimately we want a perfect finish and Allett gives us that. Battery around the school means no disruption to classes. It's also better for us the user in terms of health benefits. There's no worrying about fuel and it's good for the environment. There is also reduced servicing costs'' Steve Copnall (Allett Mowers) ''It was a pleasure to welcome our Allett Pioneers of our C34E programme to the factory today. It has been great to get customers together discussing their needs as groundsmen and machine requirements in their roles. They have offered great feedback over the past 12 months after purchasing our C34E machines and innovative ideas for future Allett products. Talking together as industry users really gets some fresh idea thinking and reassures our users that we listen to our customers and harness that collective knowledge''.
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