Designed to meet requests from groundsmen in Europe and the USA, Allett say the C27 offers the ‘Quick Cartridge’ options that effectively make these mowers eight machines in one. Powered by the Honda GX200 engine, the company says the 27” cylinder cutting system, with substantial front and rear rollers, ensures the user gets a superior cut, levelness of finish and longer lasting, more crisply defined stripes. The six bladed cylinder produces 111 cuts per metre (101 cuts/yard) while the eight blade will give 148 cuts per metre (135cuts/yard) irrespective of forward speed. Effortless mowing is equally assured, say Allett, with handle-mounted levers for drive and cartridge engagement and the adjustable handlebars have anti-vibration mountings. Allett Launch The C27 Interchangeable Cartridge Machine Together with the 6 and 8 bladed cylinders the optional accessories include a scarifier cartridge with Tungsten tipped blades, a Sorrel Roller, Turf Rake, Verticut and Brush. There is also the option of a trailing seat to turn the C27 into a ride-behind for faster cutting over large areas and it benefits from a 3.1 litre fuel tank. A cut height of 8mm to 55mm (0.32”- 2.17”) is featured. With the front and rear rollers of a cylinder mower close to the point at which the grass is cut, the user can achieve very low heights of cut without scalping. The rear roller on the C27 is a rubber covered 3-piece steel roller with steel spur end differential. The front roller is grooved aluminium with scraper and sealed end bearings, though there is an option of a plain roller. The working width of the mower is 686mm/27”, the overall width 900mm/38” and it weighs 135kg (297lb). The grassbox is moulded plastic with a steel reinforcing strip.
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