Engine Issues After Winter

As the weather warms up and we edge nearer to Spring you will be looking to get your mower out of the shed in preparation for the coming season. It is a great time now to check over your mower to ensure it's in working condition.

Having issues with your engine starting? Did you leave fuel in over the winter? Fuel officially goes stale within 30 days. When it gets old, it starts to solidify. You will need to check your engine manual to learn how to drain your engine of old fuel. If the fuel is left in the mower over the winter, the moisture collects in the carburetor. The water will often corrode and leave a varnish type deposit which block ports.

Have you checked your spark plug? If it's not sparking your mower won't start! Remove the spark plug lead and place the tip of the spark plug against a metal surface. Ask a helper to pull the recoil and look for a spark. If there is no spark you can purchase a new one from your local Allett dealer. 

It may sound simple but is your on/off switch on? Is your fuel valve on? Most turn their fuel tap off when not in use. Is your choke on? Is your air filter blocked? You should be keeping this clean checking it every 25 hours of use and replacing every 100 hours. Have you got oil in your engine? Is your carburettor full of debris? These are all reasons why your mower might not be starting after winter. 

Using a fuel stabiliser eg Briggs +Stratton's 'Fuel Fit' will prevent lots of these problems. You can also use a fuel called 'Aspen'.  Buying a battery mower will completely eradicate them!

If you've checked all of the points above and read your engine manual and your mower is still not starting please contact your local Allett Dealer who will assist you  https://allett.co.uk/apps/store-locator/all

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Find your mower manual here 

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