Garden Jobs To Do In Self-Isolation

It has been three weeks since the country was put on lockdown and many of you are spending more and more time at home and in the garden. Due to the current restrictions, you can’t visit beautiful beaches or stunning countryside. But what you can do is spend some much needed time in your garden. We’ve noticed that the weather is getting better and better every day and it gives you an excuse to get your garden ship-shape ready for Summer. Understandably, depending on the size of your garden and the supplies you have in your shed, you will have a limited number of jobs that you can complete in self-isolation. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a quick list for you!


Not a particularly exciting job, but one of the most important tasks you need to complete. Over the past few months, your garden and lawn could host a few horrible weeds here and there. They’re not pretty and won’t help the aesthetics of your garden, so get something to dig those weeds out. We suggest that you don't use weed killer on your grass- we are very much about removing them mechanically. We have a cartridge system including a verticut cartridge which will help keep weeds at bay overtime. Don’t forget, when you are weeding, not to forget those tricky to reach places, i.e. in between paving slabs and around fence posts. There will probably be weeds down your garden path also which will need taking out.

Spruce Up Your Pots and Displays

Now is the perfect time to start planting a few things in your garden. Over the winter months, your pots and displays will have gone without any TLC. Depending on if you have any seeds or plants to pot, now will be the perfect time to get them planted or the ideal opportunity to make up some beautiful hanging baskets.

Clean Out The Greenhouse or Shed

It might seem like a monotonous task, but what better time with this sunny weather around to drag everything out of your shed and greenhouse, take stock and give it a good clear out? This way, you will know what supplies and resources you have for the coming weeks. You can also make a list of everything you need to get once the garden centres have opened up again.

Painting & Decorating

The sun is out, and we can’t think of a better job to enjoy the sunshine with than painting your fences. By giving your fence a lick of paint not only does it look good, but it also helps to seal the wood from the elements. If you have any rotten posts, now is definitely the time to dig them out and replace where possible.

Scarifying & Verticutting

To get the perfect cut, you want to take your time to Scarify and Verticut your lawn to remove any unwanted thatch. Find out more about Verticutting here. You can find our range of homeowner cartridges here

Cut The Grass

Saving the best ‘till last, time to get your Allett Mower out and cut your lawn. Don’t forget to set your blades at an acceptable length. The last thing you want to do is cut your lawn too close. You should only be taking a third of the grass plant off at any one time. We suggest an optimum cutting height of around 20-30mm. Make sure you cut the alternate way to your normal cutting pattern from time to time to stop your lawn turning bumpy. If you really want to get creative with your cut, why not come up with a design to enter into the Allett Creative Stripes Competition 2020? There has never been a time like this before, and we feel that getting some time in the garden can help relieve stress and anxiety, so if you have an hour or an afternoon to spare, why not spend it in the garden in the sunshine?
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