National Apprenticeship Week at Allett Mowers

Here at Allett we really do appreciate the value that apprentices can bring to the business. We have three apprentices here at Allett: Michael, Liam and Aidan. With National Apprenticeship Week last week, we thought "what better time to showcase our amazing apprentices here at Allett". We spoke with Michael, Liam and Aidan this week on their apprenticeships so far and asked them a few questions about why the chose an apprenticeship with Allett if it’s like anything that they expected and much more! So take a look at what one of our past and present Engineering/Manufacturing Apprentices have to say about their experience of being an apprentice at Allett Mowers. Michael, 21- Design/Engineering Apprentice:
Michael Bulzacchelli
''I'm Michael Bulzacchelli and I am taking an NVQ Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering. My course is 2 years long. A typical day for me can consist of prototyping new machinery, 3d modelling from which I produce engineering drawings and providing engineering support within the business. I chose and apprenticeship rather than university as I could gain new skills, experience and training whilst being based in a real world working environment. Prior to taking this position I had experience in engineering at high school and product design at sixth form. The best part for me about being an apprentice is being given the opportunity to have access to a real job combined with theoretical knowledge to apply to the practical knowledge you learn from experience. There aren't many jobs around for high school leavers so this was a great opportunity to combine earning and learning. The apprenticeship is much better than I could ever have imagined. Each day presents new challenges where I can gain new skills. I am treated as a normal member of staff and all staff I work with have been very supportive and fun to work with. The apprenticeship has helped me get into employment earlier gaining hands on experience working under John Gittins Allett's head engineer. At the end of the apprenticeship I will have gained further qualifications, independence and practical real world experiences. On completion of my apprenticeship I would like to secure a full time position within the engineering department at Allett and I am looking forward to the future''. Liam, 21 - Engineering/Manufacturing Apprentice:
National Apprenticeship Week Liam | Allett Mowers Liam Turner
''I’m Liam Turner. I’m 21 years of age and I completed an engineering and manufacturing apprenticeship at Allett Mowers where I learned about welding, sheet metal work and bench fitting. My engineering and manufacturing apprenticeship lasted for two years. I would go to college once a week during my apprenticeship and during my two years as an apprentice learned a lot about welding and sheet metal work as well as a lot of other valuable skills. Early in my apprenticeship, I was assigned to make a few different items with a paint tin being one of the first items I was tasked to create. I chose an apprenticeship with Allett because I wanted to be able to learn new things while earning a wage at the same time. However the experience I gained during my apprenticeship was definitely the most beneficial part of my apprenticeship with Allett. After initially going into my apprenticeship a bit sceptical about whether it was the right thing for me, I ended up really enjoying it and the work I did, while building new friendships with the people I work with. I have been offered a permanent role at Allett now which I am very happy about so I can continue to learn and expand my knowledge of the work Allett does through a variety of roles and professional positions.” Aidan, 17 - Engineering/Manufacturing Apprentice:
Aidan Rotheroe Joins Allett as Manufacturing Apprentice Aidan Rotheroe
“My average day at my apprenticeship at Allett usually involves me operating the roller section in the warehouse. However, when im not working on the roller section you could often find me welding which is one of the many skills I've picked up during my apprenticeship. After finishing a level 1 diploma in performing engineering operations last year, I decided to pursue an apprenticeship with Allett because I wanted to get into a position that would benefit me in years to come. I have always had an interest in engineering and other engineering-related topics due to my family doing similar jobs to what my apprenticeship provides. When I saw Allett were offering an apprenticeship I jumped at the chance as it was local for me. The background research I did on the company really interested me in terms of Allett manufacturing cylinder mowers for the worlds best sports clubs. Now I really enjoy being able to learn new skills in an area I’m interested in, in a working environment while also being able to earn while I learn. After having such a big interest in engineering for years, I always believed this would be the kind of position I would pursue. The team in the Allett Mowers manufacturing warehouse are all really great to work with and get on with so that just makes working at Allett even better! I am hoping to secure a full-time position at Allett as I feel very settled here and I am constantly learning new skills. My apprenticeship will definitely benefit me in the future thanks to the experience that I gained already the work that I’ve been doing so far.” Dave Gibbons, Production Manager ''Allett are proud manufactures of domestic and professional cylinder mowers. Over the past 4 years Allett has employed 5 apprentices with our latest recruit Aidan Rotheroe in the capacity of manufacturing apprentice. Allett look at the longevity of its work force building the skill levels introducing apprentices at the right time with business demands. All of our apprentices are enthusiastic and seek to gain the knowledge not only from the experienced engineers at Allett but the within the college course work covered . This as they develop will bring new dynamics our business and to our products''
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