Push Mowers - The Classic 12E vs The Liberty 30

At Allett Mowers we pride ourselves on being leaders in cylinder mower development and technology. We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality, British engineered mowers. We understand why our customers buy an Allett Mower. Customers are looking for a high-quality cut with a level finish, producing striking and stunning lawn stripes. Our mowers utilise a series of sharp spiral rotating blades to produce a stunning, precision cut. Two of our most popular push mowers are The Classic 12E and The Liberty 30. Both mowers have very similar features however the Classic 12E is powered by electric (cable) and the Liberty 30 is powered by a battery (cordless)

Let’s take a look at the Classic 12E

The Classic 12E is a 12'' push mower with an electric cable (50ft/15m in length). At just 21.7kg, this lightest machine in our range is easy to push and manoeuvre in tight areas and lift over garden or garage steps.The Classic 12E’s cutting cylinder is powered by 230V mains electricity via a 420W motor making this a quiet and clean machine. No petrol, no oil to worry about, just plug-in and mow, along with low servicing requirements. The 5-blade cutting cylinder cleanly cuts the grass leaf and discharges the clippings into the 32-litre front-mounted grass box, which easily lifts for emptying. Six pre-set front roller positions can be set with the side-mounted dial, without tools, to adjust the height of cut between 6mm and 32 mm. The Allett Cartridge system gives the ability to insert the optional 12" scarifier cartridge so that even small lawns can receive a thatch-removal treatment to breath air into the sward to keep it in top condition. The cylinder cartridge can be removed, serviced and transported easily, without taking the complete mower.

Now lets look at the Liberty 30

The latest offering from Allett is battery powered. When low noise levels and the environment are important to you, the Liberty range gives the same quality of cut you expect from Allett but without the inconvenience of an electric cable or remembering to fill your petrol can. This 12" (300mm) cylinder mower is powered by a removeable Greenworks 40V battery which fully charges in just over 1 hour and delivers ample power for up-to 50 minutes of mowing. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the Liberty 30 is perfect for the small lawn, where pushing isn’t a problem, and budget is important. Forget pull starting simply press a button to start the five-blade cutting cylinder spinning. Heights of cut are dialled between 6mm and 32mm in 6 pre-set steps. This green alternative to petrol engine mowing gives up-to 600m2 in one charge, and neighbours will not be disturbed by your dedication to your lawn. Insert the optional 12" Scarifier Qc cartridge for lawn grooming and a healthier lawn. The Liberty 30 carries a one-year warranty on parts and labour. Both mowers are sleek in design, offering amazing manoeuvrability around the garden.

The Classic 12E vs The Liberty 30

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