Putting Your Mower Away For The Winter

Unfortunately, summer is done and dusted and winter is on the way. The clocks will go back at the end of the month and it will be time to put your lawnmower to bed for the winter. Don’t forget that there are a few key jobs you will need to complete before putting your lawnmower away.
  1. Before you start any jobs, make sure you have had a quick read through your manual to familiarise yourself with the full capabilities of your mower
  2. If you own a petrol mower make sure that you have drained the petrol from the tank and maybe make use of the petrol in other products before it goes off. It will not last the whole winter without going stale.
  3. If you have an electric mower make sure you wrap the cable up into a coil and keep the cable away from the floor/anywhere that may be damp
  4. With a soft brush, brush off any loose garden gutting and grass. For the harder to remove debris, use a soft sponge and a little hot water and soap to remove. Don’t use anything with like wire wool as you might accidentally remove the paint from your mower. Never use your hands to remove any debris. Remember to make sure that no water enters the oil or fuel tanks
  5. Lubricate any pivot points and free moving parts of the mower to alleviate any seizing over the winter
  6. Check the oil level. Your mower should be always be kept in working order and similar to a car will need a constant oil level to be maintained. It is a good idea to top up your oil level over the winter.
  7. For battery-powered mowers, remove the battery(s) and store them in a cool, dry place away from any gas canisters or heaters. It would also be a good time to store your charger with the battery(s) so you don’t lose it over the winter
  8. Check the blades. If they are a little dull, visit your local Allett Dealer to get them sharpened. Getting your blades sharpened at an Allett Dealer will ensure the best results for a perfect cut lawn
  9. Give your mower a once over. If there is any damage to any element, it is best to take your mower to an Allett Dealer to be fixed. We don’t advise you attempt to fix any issues yourself.
  10. Store your beloved Allett mower in a safe, dry place. The last thing you want is your mower be exposed to the unforgiving elements or even worse get stolen
If you have any questions about mower maintenance and winter storage, contact the team at Allett today. Check your manual for further advice or visit https://www.allett.co.uk/mower-help/ Manuals can be found here: https://www.allett.co.uk/lawn-mower-information/
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