The Buffalo Professional Cylinder Mower - Product Highlight

It's been a while since we highlighted the Buffalo professional cylinder mower but with new products like the Allett C34E and Uplift 86E being released aswell as the Liberty range it can be fair to say the team at Allett have been hard at work to bring our customers the best possible products when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn or sports pitch. We are proud to say that the Allett Buffalo is one of our most popular long-standing professional cylinder mowers to date so we thought we'd talk you through this fantastic mower, and discuss what makes the Buffalo stand out from the rest.

The Buffalo professional cylinder mower is available in several widths, these being; 20", 24", 27" and 34" and is a cutting unit only as opposed to our C-Range machines that offer the option to insert a range of interchangeable cartridges. The machine is equipped with a large 8 blade 200mm diameter cutting-cylinder with fins above the cylinder that separate the grass after cutting. These help fill the grass box equally. If you didn't have these the grassbox would be heavier on one side and this would effect your height of cut across the width of the stripe which is not something you want when cutting at such precise heights of cut. The throw plate is adjustable so for example in summer when the grass is dry and light we can move the throw plate closer to the cylinder to help put the grass into the grass-box better.

A rubber-coated rear roller is key to delivering amazing stripes for when presentation and striping is really important. The rear rollers are split with differential which helps to reduce the chance of scuffing when turning at the end of the pitch- no groundsmen want's their turf ripping up! The front roller is large diameter which helps for better viewing for the operator to line up their next stripe. Grass-boxes are large and have a recess for your hand so it is easily picked up. One thing to mention is that the grassbox can get heavy when full. We advise you to empty the box when your box is a third full- this will stop the heavy grassbox pushing down on your roller effecting your height of cut and the play of the pitch. Ball roll is key in sports such as football and you don't want an uneven height of cut.

This mower is popular within sports clubs, schools, colleges and private gardens where a quality precision low cut and high class levels of presentation are key however we have seen an increasing number of Buffalo's used on home lawns where homeowners with a larger budget aspire to achieve the premier league finish. Height of cut is adjustable from 10mm to 40mm giving great versatility.

The Buffalo range machines are equipped with a Honda GX 120 (Buffalo 20) or GX 160 (Buffalo 24, 27 and 34) engine. We chose this engine because it is highly reliable and our customers love it. They are also great starters even on a cold winters day! The engine allows for the mower to operate effectively at low speeds, and also delivers low levels of noise while in operation. This is extremely important at clubs nowadays with the grounds being used for multiple purposes such as meetings and other functions during the day. The engine delivers 88 cuts per metre and can be used on tick over which is great if you want to walk slower- this doesn't effect the clip rate. Fuel consumption is great considering the weight of the Buffalo and the handlebars are fitted with anti-vibration mountings to reduce the chances of vibration white finger in operators using the mowers for long periods. The handlebars also float which helps with the reduction of hand-arm vibration. The other feature of the floating handlebars is that mower is independent of the handlebars so you can follow the contours of the pitch. The handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator.

Designed by the team at Allett to be a robust cylinder mower, the Buffalo Allett mower range was manufactured (in the UK proudly) with a long-lasting life in mind along with ease of use, as well as ease of maintenance. We have Buffalo machines out there that are 22 years old and have never had a belt change so this shows how well they are built. There is an optional trailing seat available for the Allett Buffalo allowing groundsmen to save their legs whilst also covering larger areas quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing mower click here to view all the product specifications and extra product details, or get in touch with the team at Allett to enquire.

You can find a video on the Allett Buffalo 34 here
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