Top Garden Tasks For Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday we have put together a handy little list of garden jobs you can do for Dad this week. Weed the garden. Typically, a very boring and laborious task that can take a while to complete, especially if it has been left over the winter and spring months. You can really help tidy up the garden by getting rid of all the nasty weeds. Remember when you are getting rid of any weeds on your lawn, to use a sharp knife to cut the weeds off slightly below the soil line. They’ll eventually die once cut off from their food source. You can then look to dig out the weeds at the end of the season. Verticutting and scarifying your lawn will help control weeds and weaken clovers. Trim the hedge. When it comes to trimming your hedge, make sure that your equipment is sharp and well lubricated. Don’t forget safety, if you are cutting at height, make sure you are using a stable set of ladders or steps and that you are wearing suitable gloves, goggles and if needed, ear protection. A battery powered hedge cutter would be the safest way of cutting your hedge to avoid the risk of cutting into a cable. You can transfer the batteries into our Liberty range products. Another option is a pair of sharp shears. When cutting, the hedge should be wider at the bottom than the top. If you cut it straight there will be more sunlight hitting the top of the hedge making the bottom weaker. Make sure you cut straight with a horizontal string tied at each end of the hedge as a guide and use an upward and downward sweeping motion. Power wash the patio or decking. The perfect place to host a BBQ or two over the summer, but not if it needs some TLC. Get the power washer out and give the whole area a good going over to get rid of algae and general dirt. There may be some weeds on the patio that may need removing. Start by removing all furniture, ornaments and pots. Use a brush to remove any leaves, twigs or loose debris. By its very nature, the pressure of the water will remove the sand that binds the patio blocks together. If you do use a jet washer on your driveway, the sand needs to be replaced. Don’t forget to wear goggles to protect your eyes. Tidy the shed. Once you have completed all the tasks it would be great to go through the shed and have a quick tidy up of all the tools, make sure you do this with a responsible adult if you need to! Cut the lawn. The final task to complete and the one we can’t wait to do ourselves, with an Allett Mower! Don’t forget to clear any debris off the lawn prior to starting to cut, clear any twigs and stones in order to avoid damaging mower blades. Make sure your mower is set to the correct cutting height between 20-30mm If you get time to get a few pictures to take a few pictures of you maintaining the garden for your Dad this week for Father's Day, why not tag us in the pictures on social media: Facebook - Allett Mowers Twitter - @allettmowers
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