Verticutting away POA (Annual Meadow Grass)

Do you have issues with Poa annua in your lawn? Are you like us and don't like using chemicals on your lawn? We have a great tool to help you mechanically get rid of unwanted weeds/grasses in the Verticut cartridge.


The identifying characteristic of Poa annua grass is the tall tasseled seed stalk that will typically stand up above the rest of the lawn. In hot weather Poa annua can die back and turn brown which causes unsightly patches in the lawn. Growth of Poa is strongest in the late spring but Annual Meadow Grass can flower and set seed throughout the year. Poa can produce several hundred seeds in one season, and the seeds can lay dormant for several years before sprouting. We suggest verticutting at least once a month maybe twice in a union jack style pattern across your lawn. You can verticut at the same height as you mow at. This will also help lift your lateral grasses that can stall the growth of your lawn. Poa annua doesn't grow so well within a thick sward and verticutting will help thicken your grass up helping to reduce the problem. Verticutting will help remove unsightly seed heads in Poa annua turf with minimal fuss. Mowing regularly is also key to keeping Poa annua at bay. 

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