What to Consider When Buying a New Mower

Summer is on the way, and it is the perfect time to buy a new mower. With Allett’s broad range of mowers on sale, deciding which mower can be a difficult choice and also in some cases, a time-consuming one. Allett mowers are available from various dealers around the world and online. You then have the decision on whether to purchase electric, petrol or even a battery mower, the choices in front of you are endless. Hopefully, we will give you a little food for thought when it comes around to purchasing your next garden mower.

How big is your lawn?

The size of your lawn is one of the main things to consider when you look to purchase a mower form our range. Our machines come in various cutting widths within their model range. If you have a small lawn to cut, you may look at our 12/14" petrol machines such as the Allett Classic or Kensington. You may even be interested in our Classic 12E or Sandringham 14E electric machines, however, if dragging a cable around your lawn isn't for you the Liberty Range battery machines certainly are! A mid-sized lawn would suit our Classic 17L, Kensington 17/20K or Liberty 35/43 machines. However, if you have a large lawn to cut, a larger mower might be required to help you cover more space in less time such as our Allett Buckingham or Westminster in our semi-pro range or even the Allett Buffalo 20 in our Professional range. While getting a mower with a wider cutting width might save you time, it is worthwhile to mention that you might come across some manoeuvrability issues, something to think about when you are shortlisting your next mower purchase. Our new Liberty range battery machines are extremely lightweight and free from being attached to a cable. You can find a table of the recommended mowers for a particular lawn size in the back of our Homeowner brochure.


If you are the proud owner of one of our petrol mowers you will have enough power required to use the whole range of cartridges. Petrol mowers are perfect for mowing around obstacles and don't include a long cable holding you back from giving your garden a quality cut. Petrol engines are reliable and long lasting however require yearly servicing provided by our Allett dealers. There is also the option of our Liberty Range battery-powered machines that are proving to be extremely popular- so popular we are almost struggling to keep up with demand at the moment. They are cordless, quiet and more than powerful enough to tackle any lawn task with a range of cartridges available. Take a look at our Allett Kensington 17K and Liberty 43

Cylinder Mower vs Rotary Mower

Depending on how devoted you are to the craft of a beautiful garden and how flat your lawn is will help determine if you should go for a cylinder or rotary mower. Our customers are passionate about their lawns and aspire to achieve a beautifully British striped lawn that you can achieve with an Allett cylinder mower. Cylinder mowers work like a pair of scissors and leave a fantastic healthy finish to a freshly cut lawn, however, they don’t cope well with long grass or uneven gardens. We do however manufacture a wheel kit for the Kensington machines and our Liberty 43 to allow you to cut longer grass for instance if you went on holiday for a week.

Getting lawn stripes

There is nothing more beautiful than a stunning lawn, cut with row after row of beautiful stripes that Allett Mowers are famous for producing. To cut your lawn with a striped finish, you’ll need to purchase a mower with a rear roller. All of our machines are built with rear rollers to help create a strong, stunning stripe, which you can find over on our Homeowner Range. Each year we run a creative lawn stripes competition that really does show off the creative talents and passion of our users. You can find a video on our YOUTUBE channel on how to create a beautifully striped lawn.


When buying an Allett Mower, the price is surprisingly not an important part of the decision-making process for our customers.When people enquire about machines they are looking for high-quality British made machines that will give them a superior precision cylinder cut that no other product on the market can offer something that the team at Allett have a track record of producing. Ensure your machine is serviced yearly to prolong its lifespan and it will give you many enjoyable years of service. Click here to view the full range of Allett Homeowner Mowers. Contact the team for more guidance from our specialised team and we'll be more than happy to find the right machine for you.
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