Why Are Leaves on Your Lawn Bad?

It’s that time of year again. The wind is blowing and the leaves are falling from the trees creating layers of leaves on your lawn. A question we often see at this time of year is “should we remove leaves in the autumn or leave them to mulch down into the soil beneath?” So what are the main points to take into consideration when raking your lawn which isn’t just for tidiness? One of the main points you might have heard about is that your lawn needs to be able to breathe properly to get all of the light, water and air needed to maintain a healthy grass throughout autumn and winter. While your lawn can benefit from the nutrients of the leaves, a thick layer of leaves will smother your lawn, starving it of light and air; two things it needs to thrive. Without light and air, the grass becomes weaker. Damp layers of unattended to leaves can be ideal habitats for pests and can cause problems like snow mould and brown patches for you to deal with in spring and summertime. Leaves can also block drains around your property. Because of these issues which can arise due to large quantities of leaves, leaf collection should be done at regular intervals throughout autumn. This can be done using a standard garden rake, however, if you have an Allett mower which accepts our scarifier or lawn brush can be an ideal solution to help you quickly and efficiently collect any fallen leaves and improve the health of your lawn. The Allett lawn brush cartridge can be used for collecting a variety of light garden debris and can effectively collects and removes any debris such as, fallen leaves, twigs, grass clippings and more. The Allett scarifier cartridge is one of our most popular cartridges and can provide you with just as an effective leaf collection as the Allett lawn brush. However, the scarifier can also provide you with the ability to penetrate the surface of the soil allowing things like air and water to pass through the soil and reach the roots of the plant. Take a look at this video for more information on leaf collection from Allett Mowers, featuring the Allett Kensington homeowner mower and the lawn scarifier cartridge. So, if you want the lawn to survive the winter, make sure to keep the lawn free of leaves. As autumn turns to winter, make the most of whatever dry days we might have by raking the leaves from your lawn surface. If you need more help with maintaining a healthy lawn this autumn and winter, visit our Lawncare Calendar for a month-on-month guide to a healthy lawns.
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